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CurrentWidget 0.36

New version for CurrentWidget.


– Android Backup Service – Auto-restores your settings on new installations – no more re-setting when switching ROMs!
– Updated layouts for ICS padding
– Added support for Samsung Galaxy Note (charge current only)
– Added support for LG Optimus S (charge current only)
– Fixed HTC One X values

Donate version – Google Play
Free version – Google Play


CurrentWidget 0.35

CurrentWidget 0.35 was just released to Google Play.

New features:
– Battery Temperature view
– Maximum Log File Size setting
– Log File Rotation option

Donate version – Google Play
Free version – Google Play

SmartWidget 0.08

A minor update for SmartWidget was released today.
– Layout fixes for tablets
– Fix for some apps that didn’t show correct name on shortcut

Google Play store download link

USA Clock Widgets

Clock widgets USA style!
A beautiful set of home screen widgets.
Contains analog and digital clocks, designed in the spirit of the national flag.

Android Market link

CurrentWidget 0.34

Version 0.34 for CurrentWidget.

– HTC EVO View Tablet support
– Viewsonic gTablet support
– Exclusions options for high current notification
– Updated aChartEngine – Zoom & Pan support in graph

Donate version – Market
Free version – Market

CurrentWidget 0.33

CurrentWidget 0.33 was released today.

– HTC Wildfire S support
– Show/Hide last update time
– Show/Hide update button
– Show all selected views

Donate version – Market
Free version – Market

SmartWidget 0.07

SmartWidget 0.07 was released to the market.

New feature:
– Share your top applications with your friends

Market Link

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