CurrentWidget 0.37

New version for CurrentWidget.


– !!! NOTE: Text widget type is now a separate widget in the widgets list. If you are having problems after the update, please remove and re-add widget or uninstall and re-install.
– Support for CurrentWidget as a lock screen widget (Android 4.2+).
– Added temperature to log.
– Option to change text sizes for text widget (Android 4.1+).
– Text widget is now resizable (Android 4.0+).
– Samsung Galaxy Note 2 support.
– Xperia U support (charge current only).

Donate version – Google Play
Free version – Google Play


9 thoughts on “CurrentWidget 0.37”

  1. google play store advises that the current widget is NOT supported on my rooted at&t Galaxy S3 -sgh-I747. What do you suppost is the problem?


    1. Hi,
      I marked my app is not supported in Galaxy S3 because all galaxy s3 users reported that it doesn’t work and gave the app a low rating.
      This is an issue with the device which doesn’t report the mA value so I can’t fix it.

  2. Hi. Which file and path does the app observe to get the current. Normally, the path is /sys/class/power_supply/my_battery-driver/current_now. The android system already looks for all directories in the path ../power_supply, due to the fact it does not know the name of my_battery_driver. Kr, Ingo

    1. Hi. Once again. I assume the app is working on /sys/class/power_supply/battery/current_now? I modified my bat. driver and then it works. Unfortunately the app does not consider signed or unsigned values (charging/discharging), does it? Kr, Ingo

      1. Hi,
        Yes, that’s the main file but it also checks other files.
        If you want I can add support for your device.
        Email me at rmdroider@gmail.com .
        CurrentWidget shows charging/discharging state with the small lightning sign (it becomes green when charging).

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