CurrentWidget 0.36

New version for CurrentWidget.


– Android Backup Service – Auto-restores your settings on new installations – no more re-setting when switching ROMs!
– Updated layouts for ICS padding
– Added support for Samsung Galaxy Note (charge current only)
– Added support for LG Optimus S (charge current only)
– Fixed HTC One X values

Donate version – Google Play
Free version – Google Play


6 thoughts on “CurrentWidget 0.36”

  1. Actually works when charging from the laptop’s USB port (reports 500mA).
    When charging from a bench supply with calibrated current reading of about 1A, the widget reports 0mA 😦
    The phone is obviously charging as the Android status bar reports the phone charging.

  2. The numbers don’t seem right on HTC Evo 4G LTE (a OneX variant). Mine reports 657900mA (aka 657.9A which would be really damn impressive). My guess is that its supposed to be 657.9mA or maybe it’s just entirely messed up.

    1. Hi,
      In CurrentWidget settings there is a section called “Custom Operation” .
      You can define there a division operation by a 1000 on the mA value.
      That should fix it (assuming the device is outputting the correct values).

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