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CurrentWidget 0.35

March 15, 2012

CurrentWidget 0.35 was just released to Google Play.

New features:
– Battery Temperature view
– Maximum Log File Size setting
– Log File Rotation option

Donate version – Google Play
Free version – Google Play

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One Comment
  1. Brett permalink

    Would like to see a 2×2 or 2×4 widget that displays the voltage ##.####V much like that of a digital multi-meter (customizable digit color of course). Also would like to have the voltage to refresh every .25 seconds.
    Reason: have a high end car audio system and recently purchased an Android based stereo system (running Android 2.2). I need a voltage meter widget to be big and bright so i can see it without having to stare at my dash. Voltage is important to the audio system to ensure there are no issues so, this would be a nice way to monitor my cars voltage level (since the car battery is essentially the battery in this case). I chose your app because it’s simple and clean. Nice job by the way 🙂

    Here’s an example of what I mean…

    I’d donate $25 to have this. Which is roughly the cost of a voltage meter piece of hardware.

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