SmartWidget 0.08

A minor update for SmartWidget was released today.
– Layout fixes for tablets
– Fix for some apps that didn’t show correct name on shortcut

Google Play store download link


4 thoughts on “SmartWidget 0.08”

  1. I’m a paid user on 2.3.4 (I think) on a Mytouch 4g slide. I have the 4×4 grid. With this release it works, but eventually dies, and freezes. If you reboot you get generic icons on it n you can remove and recreate the widget, but that doesn’t help. Reinstalling fixes things for a little bit.

    Any thoughts? I’m a Unix guy, and have rooted other phones, and could root this one or do what ever to troubleshoot.

    Feature request, a transparent background, so I can see my wallpaper.

  2. Long term update.

    The patched version fixed it. I have not had the problem since. Thanks for the ultra fast response on this.

    Also, as you said, transparency is controlled with the slider at the bottom of the color picking square.

    Thanks again.

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