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CurrentWidget v0.32

November 25, 2011

CurrentWidget 0.32 was released today.
– Notification – optional alert on high current values

Now you can monitor your device even when your screen is off. Get notified when an app is draining your battery!

Donate version – Market
Free version – Market

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  1. Dave permalink

    Will u be adding option to remove the time and update now text from clear text view in next release.

  2. Victor permalink

    Hi! I have a problem with my HTC Raider, the display is qHD 540×960 and the widget is showing all wierd. This is not happening on my HD2 wich is 480×800, do you know why is this happening? Thanks a lot!

  3. Sergiy permalink

    Plz, add support Samsung Galaxy Note (widget says *no data*)


    • Hi,
      Samsung devices usually don’t give out the electric current info .. it’s probably a hardware issue or some decision by Samsung.
      E-mail me and will try to verify it for the Note.

  4. ael permalink

    I have a problem:

    1.flash a kernel.
    4.Monitoring mA with “current widget”: stay under 10 mA
    5.Plug usb
    6.mA cahnge sign according to a recharge state
    7.Unplug usb
    8.mA cahnge sign but remain high: also bigger then 500 mA

    I hope you know what’s happening to my device

    Ael, HTC Sensation.

    • Hey,

      I didn’t understand exactly the problem… please contact me by e-mail ( and send me a log file.


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