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SmartWidget 0.03

July 31, 2011

SmartWidget v0.03 is live in the market.
– Exclude apps from widget (long-touch an app in settings to exclude/include)
– fixed widget sometimes not updating (thanks Peter)
– adw launcher ex shortcuts support (thanks Joe)

Market Link.

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  1. Cheok Kee Teong permalink

    Hi I have upgrade to current version and the “show existing shortcut” is grey off. I am using HTC DesireHD running android 2.3.3.

    • Hi,
      The option is grayed because SmartWidget couldn’t read the home screen shortcuts from your launcher.
      Which launcher are you using?
      (you can also contact me by e-mail)

  2. Sam Rothstein permalink

    Any chance of a transparent background option? The black clashed terribly with my light wallpaper.

    Would also be nice to remove the border so the icons just look like they’re on the homescreen.

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