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CurrentWidget 0.26

March 24, 2011

Version 0.26 of CurrentWidget was released today.
– Transparent Text Layout (change in preferences)
– Confirmation before clearing log

Download from Android Market:

Donate version – Market
Free version – Market

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  1. Drew permalink

    I’ve noticed a few people with Inspires, including myself, are getting 0mA reported. Any chance you know anything about this? batt_current is updating and is generally around -200. I noticed in your source code you divide this number by 1000, which sounds like it might round to 0.

  2. Eroc permalink

    I too am a HTC Inspire user with the 0mA problem. currentwidget used to work on my phone perfectly when i was on the froyo rom, but went to 0mA when I moved to the gingerbread one. I read somewhere on this site that it could be the battery driver? I do have a file in /sys/class/power_supply/battery/batt_current and batt_attr_text which does seem to have a value in for the current.

  3. Manu69x permalink

    First of all this is a great app for all the hd2 android comunity.
    I wont ask to you if you can implemente a discarge mode for meausuring the real total charge of the battery in mah ? In this way Web canzona check the info that declare the battery manufactor.

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