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CurrentWidget 0.24

February 13, 2011

CurrentWidget 0.24 was released today.
Starting with this version, you can switch the displayed view by touching the value on the widget.
Currently, the available views are the electric current and battery level (%).

Download from Market.

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  1. Lukas permalink

    Please add support for nexus s

    • only Samsung can do that.
      The battery driver on the Nexus S doesn’t export the electric current value.
      All of Samsung devices are like this, I think it’s a hardware issue (battery chip or something).

  2. JIM zhu permalink

    not working on my hd2s. I tried on my hd2 with andriod on SD never get it write the log file, I tried multiple version of the ROMs and in both my HD2, never get it to work, when check the log file, always show “log file not found” i don’t know what happen. somebody can help? appreciate, since I do want to fix the high standby current issue, by get make this guy work first.

    • Try updating the widget a few time with log enabled and then check the logcat for any errors.
      Let me know,thanks.

      • JIM zhu permalink

        i still not able to make current widget write the log file, i tried partition the sd with ext3, but still the same. no logcat and error just no file was wroten after i put back and forth the log enable button many times+ the changing the time interval..

  3. Mike Coleman permalink

    Hi rmdroider,
    Like JIM zhu I have a problem in that I continually get a ‘log file not found’ error. I’ve tried the default /sdcard/currentwidget.log; /mnt/sdcard/currentwidget.log and currentwidget.log but all return the same error. I’ve tried rebooting. I’m running at HD2 with Typhoon CM7 [4th June version].
    Any other clues on how to overcome this problem?

    • Weird…
      CurrentWidget 0.28 will be released soon with some extra logs for you guys.
      Hopefully it’ll help to figure out the problem.

  4. Mike Coleman permalink

    Have updated Current Widget to .28.
    No Joy. Still cannot save a log file. Tried 3 save locations on the sd card and one on the phone.
    Any other ideas RMDroider?

    • Hi Mike,
      Please check your logcat for any errors from CurrentWidget.
      Also, please contact me by e-mail ( and we will work it out.

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