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CurrentWidget – Supported Devices

December 27, 2010

CurrentWidget was designed for the Nexus One.
Since there was interest from other users, I started adding support for other devices.
The problem is that not all battery drivers export the necessary information, so some devices can’t be supported at all.

The following lists aren’t final. I’m trying to add more devices and I’ll update the lists in the future.
If CurrentWidget doesn’t work for you and your device isn’t listed in the ‘Unsupported Devices’, let me know.

Supported Devices:
– Nexus One
– HTC Desire
– Sony X1
– xdandroid
– Droid Eris
– HTC Desire HD / Z
– Samsung Galaxy Vibrant (charge current only)
– Sony X10 (charge current only)
– HTC Thunderbolt
– Nook Color (since CurrentWidget 0.27)
– Nexus One CyanogenMod Battery Driver (since CurrentWidget 0.27)
– HTC Inspire 4G (since CurrentWidget 0.27)
– Motorola Xoom
– HTC Sensation (since v0.29a)
– HTC Evo 3D (since v0.29a)
– Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (since v0.31)
– Motorola Triumph
– Acer Iconia A500 Tab
– Partial Motorola Atrix (charge only)
– HTC Wildfire S
– Samsung Galaxy S 3 (GT-I9300) (charge only)

Unsupported Devices:
– Motorola Milestone / Droid
– Motorola Droid X
– Samsung Galaxy S / Captivate
– Samsung Galaxy Tab
– Nexus S
– Motorola Defy
– Samsung Galaxy S 2

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  1. n61adm permalink

    Any plans to support Nexus S soon?

    • I wish I could – the battery driver doesn’t export information about the electric current.
      I’m trying find out of this is a hardware issue or a software issues.
      If it’s only software then maybe some kernel developers can create a custom drivers that export the required information.

      • mrcloudy permalink

        Hi can you please add support for Droid X? The battery information is in


  2. mrcloudy permalink

    Whoops it only shows the current coming from a computer usb port and not from a wall adapter. Sorry :/

  3. Sven permalink

    The Motorola DEFY with FW 2.51(UK) allways shows “no data” …
    I donate the app anyway! So maybe there will be a solution? 😉


  4. Hi. My LG GW620 does not show mA info. Only %. Can you try to find a way to show it? Thanks.

    • Some devices don’t export the electric current information from the battery driver, so there’s nothing I can do about it.
      Email me and we’ll try to check your device… thanks.

  5. Trevmar permalink

    My several HTC Dreams (T-Mobile-G1) shows current during charge, but always shows 1ma during discharge.

    Cyanogenmod 6.1.0 EZterry’s kernel latest 2708 radio

    • usually it’s a battery driver issue, but let’s see if there is another file with the info..
      send me the list of files you have in /sys/class/power_supply/battery .

  6. Kris permalink

    Hate to ask but I have the app in the widget list but when I click it to run all I get is the settings screen on my Desire HD! How or what do I do to install and run it?

    • Hi Kris,

      When you add it to your home screen, the preferences screen will be shown. Then just hit the “back” button and the widget should display on your home screen.
      E-mail me if you have any problems.

      – Ran

  7. Jeff permalink

    On my Droid Bionic, the widget shows 500mA when charging attached to a computer, but 0mA and charging when attached to a wall charger. I’ve tried three different wall chargers, all with the same effect. User error, bug, or semi-supported device?

    Thanks, Jeff

    • Hi,
      Does it report 500mA constantly or does it vary?
      Sounds like a device issue but contact me by email ( and we can figure it out.

  8. Brandon permalink


    How do you find out which phones have battery drivers that export discharge current information? I have been searching this information for a while, but I’m finding this hard to find out short of checking /sys/class/power_supply/battery on each phone.



    • Yes, you’re right. That’s about the only way.
      Some rare devices have the current files in other folders, so you can try searching your entire file system with some app.

  9. I’m guessing LG is not overly supported? None listed on the supported or not supported list. I have a LG Spectrum2, and it shows varying currents of 300-550ma while connected to an LG 1.5A wall charger. When I take off the charger, it says 450-500ma. Always around 3.7v. Am i correct to assume it’s only reading the battery data, NOT the charger data?

    • It’s reading the values from the battery driver.
      The values you are seeing when the device is charging is a net value, i.e. “in – out” .
      The voltage only represents how much the battery is charged and doesn’t indicate about usage.
      There are many devices out there reporting weird values in the kernel, so unfortunately it’s hard to be sure.

  10. Fred permalink

    Could you please add support for the Oneplus One?
    The widget doesn’t display charging current.

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