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CurrentWidget 0.2

December 5, 2010

New version of CurrentWidget was released to market.
– New configuration layout
– Added configuration icon to launcher
– Click on “Last Update” also updates widget

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  1. Still not working (error1) on Orange UK San Francisco (ZTE Blade).
    Device uses 2.1-update1 stock ROM.
    Looking forward to being able to use this app.

    • I’m not familiar with this device. Can you email me the files in /sys/class/power_supply/battery ? Thanks.

  2. hellion permalink

    I also get “error1” on my Milestone (european version of the Motorola Droid) 2.1update1. Do you want me to send you the above mentioned files too?

    • I already checked the Milestone and the OS doesn’t export the required information. Sorry.

  3. simone permalink

    Ho i fan t download. This on ideos, materia be it doens’t workshop with resolution 320 x240? Thomas tor help

  4. simone permalink

    Sorry i am writing from ideos so..

  5. Oleg permalink

    not working (error1) on LG Optimus One (p500)! Android 2.2 Froyo stock

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